• KERKERIAN, Cécile.

- L'idéal et les liquides chez Apollinaire.

Résumé de Thèse par l'étudiant

This master's thesis examines how the liquid metaphor articulates the creative/creation ideal in Guillaume Apollinaire's collection of poems Alcools. Our analysis is inspired by Gaston Bachelard's theories, notably the ones found in his books, L'eau et Les reves (1942) and La psychanalyse du feu (1949). The first chapter analyses the link between the artistic ideal and moving water imagery. It seems that this mobility is a live and human characteristic of art. The second chapter deals with three types of celestial metaphors, all representing the ideal, that is, the Sun, the Moon and the Milky way. The third chapter focuses on the theme of alcohol, which is a sort of "supermetaphor" of poetic distillation, encompassing all the other metaphors. The successive examination of these varied liquid images in Alcools suggests that the poet's ideal involves a happiness based on the tranquillity originating in the "sentiment maternel" and a sense of artistic satiety.